Surespan™ 700 cover

Striproll Surespan™ is a versatile product suitable for walling and roofing to 2 degrees*. 

Surespan™ 700 is one of the strongest pierce fix profiles available and can span further than 762 cover products.

It is more resistant to foot traffic and has superior water carrying capacity compared to traditional Corrugated iron.

Being a pierce fix product, Striproll Surespan™ 700 provides resistance to torsion buckling of the substructure elements, increasing the load capacity of the purlins to allow a more efficient and economical framing configuration. Consult your structural engineer for specific guidance.


* Gutter end and valley pans must be turned down (and ridge pans turned up) for all applications under 30 degree pitch. This is good roof plumbing practice and avoids issues of capillary underflow (this can be a greater problem with deep box gutters in wind affected areas).